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Magnesium As A Sleep Aid - From Flakes to Lotion to Tea
June 20, 2014

Magnesium as A Sleep Aid - From Flakes to Lotion to Tea

Magnesium is known as the great relaxer. It is a necessary mineral for many bodily processes - but it is especially necessary for sleep. Unfortunately due to lots of reasons - like depleted soil, lack of sleep, lots of caffeine, the majority of adults and children are magnesium deficient.

There are lots of different ways to get your magnesium - not just through food or supplements. This one mineral has made one of the biggest differences in restoring better sleep for me.

However, I don't just pop in a supplement and I'm done with it. It takes some effort but it has been worth it to me. Find out how flakes, lotions, sprays and teas are some of the different ways you can restore your magnesium levels to get you on the road to sleeping well.

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