A Bed Fan to Keep You Cool

I love my bed fan. As someone who has always loved sleeping in a cold bedroom, yes even with a window cracked in the middle of winter, this sleep aid helps to keep my sheets and me cool through out the night. If night sweats or a warm bed wake you up in the middle of the night or keep you awake at night this little gadget will help to keep your body cool.

At the end of the summer our air conditioning went out, I was able to sleep comfortably thanks to the cool air from my bed fan.

It is especially effective to use during the warm summer months. It's even saving me money because I don't have to turn the thermostat down as much as I used to. The fan uses less than 10 watts of power.

Simply place the fan piece at the end of the bed and tuck the top sheet in around it so that air does not escape. There is no need to assemble anything - it comes ready to go. The bottom of the piece draws in air and then blows it between your bottom and top sheet. It helps to cool the warm air that builds up from body heat and gets trapped inside the sheets.

The amount of air that is blown is completely adjustable to go higher or lower.  The key is to keep the sheets tucked really tight around the fan so that the air doesn't escape around the bottom but is directed onto the bottom sheet. It also works better if there isn't a heavy blanket on top of the sheets.

My husband is the opposite of me, he likes the room warm and the bedroom warm, which makes the bed fan a perfect device because it only cools off the sheets on my side of the bed.

The other benefit of this fan is that it has a soft humming sound when it is turned all the way up which I find relaxing. It is soft and soothing and the best part is that it doesn't bother my husband who does not like the sound of a fan. It is not loud enough if your are looking for a fan to mask outside noises just a soft hum that gets louder the higher the fan is adjusted.

I bought my fan at Brookstone, but now I see that it is much cheaper at Amazon:

Fan for Your Bed

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