What is the Best Mattress?

What is the best mattress? That's exactly what my husband and I were wondering when we recently went shopping for a new mattress.

What Size Mattress?

When we started out as newlyweds over 35 years ago, my husband was in college and we lived in a trailer. Needless to say even the full size mattress took up most of the bedroom space. We increased the size to a queen mattress when we moved into our first home.

Now for the first time we decided to look at a king size. Determining what size mattress to get depends on several factors such as:

1. The size of the bedroom

Can your bedroom accommodate a king size or california king size mattress in the master bedroom? Is it best to use a twin size mattress in your child's bedroom so there is more floor space for other furniture or to play in the bedroom.

2. The size of the sleepers :)

My brother-in-law is 6'5" and wouldn't consider any mattress size other than a king.

3. The budget

Although not the only factor for how much a new mattress will cost, generaly speaking the larger the mattress the more it will cost.

4. Any sleep disorders

Partners of those who have restless leg appreciate having more space away for those moving and/or thrashing legs.

What Type of Mattress

Today's selection of mattress and box springs is so varied that knowing what mattress will be the most comfortable for you can be confusing. Gone are the days when the two most common options were a standard mattress and box spring or a waterbed. Now you can choose from:

1. A pillowtop mattress

2. A memory foam mattress

3. Traditional mattress and boxspring

Where to Buy A Mattress

When we first moved to our home near Atlanta, there was only one mattress store, now there are at least 5-6 to choose from just miles from our home. Go with your spouse or partner to several stores and talk to the sales rep and try out the different styles of mattresses.

Check out the prices and what sales are currently going on. Ask if the sales rep if any of their mattresses are on clearance.

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