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Best Natural Sleep Aids To Restore Natural Sleep
February 11, 2016

Best Natural Sleep Aids to Restore Natural Sleep

When I first started having problems with sleep - falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up just too early - I started looking for the one "magic" answer. My hope was that a sleep supplement, balanced hormones, whole food vitamins, a special diet, or even acupuncture would restore my previous healthy restorative sleep.

But the truth is .... it's not that simple and it's not that hard. Causes of insomnia are complex and it often takes years of unhealthy lifestyle practices to develop.

Natural Sleep Remedies

For most people it's going to be the combination of many "little things" that will make a big impact on one's sleep.

1. Shut down your electronics earlier

2. Increase your magnesium intake

3. Naturally increase your melatonin production

4. Cut out caffeine

5. Practice a regular bedtime routine and schedule

Each one of these suggestions seem insignificant by themselves, but when you put them together the combined effect on your sleep can be huge.

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