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Coffee and Sleep - Is It Contributing to Your Insomnia?
January 07, 2021

Coffee and Sleep - Is It Contributing to Your Insomnia?

This week my sister, Kris, and her husband stayed with us for a couple of days. Unlike me, my sister normally falls asleep fast and stays asleep - that is until last night. She reported the next morning that she, "hardly slept a wink."

Gosh, I told her, "I understand, but what do you think happened?"

We had gone out to dinner the night before. She had eaten salmon and a salad, a decaf coffee but no dessert or sugary foods.

"I know what it was that kept me awake," she replied. She told me that normally when she orders a decaf coffee or gets a refill, she'll confirm with the waitress, "This is decaf, right?"

She told me she didn't do that last night and paid the consequences. The side effects of a couple of cups of regular caffeinated coffee left their mark on her ability or non-ability to fall asleep.

Perhaps that has happened to you. I can recall several times when I've ordered decaf coffee at a restaurant or coffee shop but was served or about to be served regular coffee.

There is no cup of coffee that tastes so good that it is better than a good night's sleep.

But did you know that even decaf coffee has some caffeine? Depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine, even decaf can keep some people from falling asleep.

Find out my tip for an evening drink that will not interfere with your sleep and will in fact help you drift off to sleep.

How Coffee can Interfere with Your Sleep and Tips for Caffeine Free Drinks

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