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Successful School Year and Sleep
August 11, 2013

Successful School Year and Sleep

Our adult daughter met with the school principal this past week. Her children were going to a new school this fall and all the parents of students had an appointment with the principal to discuss some of their educational philosophies. When our daughter related some of the discussion, they didn't get me at "Hello" but they did get me at the word, "Sleep." Here are the top tips the principal gave to help our grandchildren have a successful year at school:

1. After school, go outside and play

There is no homework for elementary age kids. Kids need time to process the lessons learned at school and need to expend pent up energy after sitting all day. Kids need to be outside playing and riding bikes, not sitting in front of a computer, iPad, or TV.

2. Eat your evening meals together as a family

Give kids the opportunity to discuss their day. Ask them what was the highlight of your day and was the low spot of the day.

3. Put kids to bed early so they are rested in the morning

Although it doesn't require a PhD in education to understand these truths, it was refreshing to hear some basic common sense about the needs of children.

Back to School Sleeping Tips

1. Re-establish an enjoyable night time routine

Eliminate all electronics at least one hour before bedtime. Read favorite books and talk about the characters and situations in the stories. Snuggle with a favorite stuffed animal that's reserved just for sleeping.

2. Start the new bedtime several days before school starts and allow the child to sleep in if there is no need to get them up and out of the house.

3. Transition to the new routine two to three days before school starts by putting children to bed at the established bed time and waking them up at their new start time.

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