Lullaby Download Choices To Get Your Baby to Sleep

A favorite lullaby download played on your iPod in the babies room can help relax your infant. Start the music as you get him/her ready for bed or as soon as you place your infant in the crib. The music signals to their body that it's time to relax and go to sleep.

While you may think that sleeping comes naturally to babies, the truth is, is that many infants resist the need to fall asleep.

However, there are infant sleep aids that can assist them in relaxing, falling asleep and staying asleep. While there are many ways of playing a lullaby the benefits to a lullaby download are:

1. It is instant.

Who wants to wait several days for a CD to arrive or load the baby in the car to go to the nearest store.

2. It is portable.

ake your iPod and player with you when you travel. You can play it in the car, in a hotel room or at relative's home.

Sleep music for infants come in a variety of music styles and choices. Some are piano music only by classic musicians like Brahms and Mozart while others play traditional lullaby songs. Some are with singing, some include nature sounds and some are only instrumental.

You can create your own lullaby album and select individual songs to make up your own unique playlist or get a lullaby album. 

A favorite album is Lullaby Magic by Joanie Bartels.

What I like about Amazon, is that you can listen to song samples first before you make a purchase.

You can listen to these soothing songs here:

Lullaby Magic

Putting Baby to Sleep

How do you pick "the best lullaby music" for your child? Select one that has the highest rating from new parents.

Here is what one parent wrote about this album:

"We LOVE this CD! The music is so beautifully arranged. It is so incredibly peaceful that my kids can't keep their eyes open. We play it for naps and just before bed at night. The BEST thing is that I love the music, too!!!! It's not that annoying toy-music sound that you get with lots of lullaby CDs, it is actually instrumentals by orchestra. The blend from one song to the next song is seamless. There's even a tip sheet on how to use the CD to get your children to sleep better written by Elizabeth Pantley (the author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution.) Lullabies don't get any better than this! Absolutely beautiful music to fall asleep to."

Listen to the sample songs now:

Disney's Lullaby Album Vol. 2

You may not notice a difference in your infants sleep the first time the music is played. It is so important that you are consistent in playing the lullabies every time your baby is put to sleep. Remember babies love routine. Soon your baby will respond to the nightly or regular pattern and the music will be the signal that it's time to relax, wind down and fall asleep :) You can experiment and just play the album once for the evening or you can put your iPod on repeat so that it continuously plays throughout the night.

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