Prevention of Sleep Apnea

Prevention of sleep apnea can save you and your body from many physical problems.

Do you know someone who has sleep apnea? Do you see how they struggle through the day, feeling sluggish and fatigued? Sleep apnea prevention follows basic healthily practices and using good sleep hygiene. The risk of developing sleep apnea increases as we age and with weight gain.

Sleep Apnea Prevention Tips

  • 1. Maintain or lose/gain weight until you are at a healthy body weight. Do the obvious, eat right and exercise.

  • 2. Monitor your blood pressure. Those with high blood pressure are at a higher risk of developing sleep apnea.

  • 3. Take care of breathing problems immediately that are due to allergies or colds. Breathing problems make you more prone to snoring. Decongestants are better and decrease drainage, as opposed to antihistamines that can worsen sleep apnea.

  • 4. Avoid sleeping pills, sedatives, and alcohol before going to bed. These substances and pills may relax your throat muscles and slow your breathing. Here obviously sleeping pills are not your answer to daytime fatigue and will not solve your tiredness.

  • 5. Sleep on you side. This simple change can eliminate mild sleep apnea. If you need help try putting pillows behind your back or something to prevent you from rolling over.

  • 6. Stop Smoking as the nicotine in tobacco will relax the muscles that keep your airways open.

Sleep Apnea Prevention begins with early intervention, and with the onset of early warning signs. Either maintain or lose weight, depending on your current scale number. Ask your bed partner to pay attention to your snoring or changes in snoring, a louder snore, or heavy breathing.

By recognizing these signs, the sooner you can take action and the sooner you'll be getting a restful night's sleep.

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