White Noise Fan

A white noise fan can serve as a great sleep aid that provides a consistent sound that helps to keep you asleep. The soothing sound of a fan can be found in many different mediums.

white noise fan

I love the sound of a real fan, not to mask any noise, but actually because I don't like the room so quiet.

You can buy a fan from a local drug store or big box store, but be sure it is not too quiet or it will defeat the purpose.

Many people appreciate not only the soothing sound of a fan but the air movement as well. Get one with at least 3 settings - low, medium, and high so that there are a couple of options of "noise" levels.

One of my co-workers is "hooked" on sleeping with the sound of a fan and takes it with her whenever she travels - yes, the fan, not a white noise fan app or CD. Hey, whatever helps you fall asleep and stay asleep :)

There are also CD's and white noise downloads that simulate the sound of a fan.

White Noise MP3 Download

It's pretty simple to find a fan sound as a white noise MP3 download.

Just go to Amazon, and type in "white noise fan" in the MP3 downloads and you will find at least 20 different options.

The best part is you can listen to them first and then for under $1.00 you can play your white noise on your choice of devices or make a CD.

The best part is it's much easier to travel with an MP3 player than it is with your fan :)

White Noise Sound Machine

white noise fan

The Conair white noise sound machine has 10 sound options. One of them is a fan noise. I still prefer the sound of a real fan to the one on this device - but it isn't bad.

However, features like an adjustable volume and portability (can be used with batteries too) make it a worthwhile investment.

We use it frequently when the grandchildren are sleeping over or taking naps and it helps to keep them sleeping longer - I think :)

It only costs $16.99 and it's free shipping if you are a Prime Member:

Conair White Noise Machine

Sleep App

Download the sleep app called Relax Melodies Premium onto your Kindle, smart phone or tablet that supports Android apps. It costs about $2.99.

It has 94 sound options including "Oscillating Fan." Volume, pitch and balance are all settings that can be adjusted.

Relax Melodies Premium: A White Noise App

Listen to your favorite white noise sound with your earphones or use a docking system with speakers.

White Noise CD's

This fan white noise CD got the most and the highest reviews at Amazon. Instead of buying yet another electronic device - just buy the CD for under $10.

Put your CD player on repeat for continuous playing, otherwise it will play for 74 minutes.

Calming Electric Fan: Fan Sound CD

I find the white noise of a fan to be one of my favorite sounds - I think it's the constant and consistent sound that I find better suits me. Maybe you do too - just find the best way for you to listen to it to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.




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