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Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up just too darn early?

What so many people take for granted, like my husband, others of us find that a good night's sleep does not come naturally.

Sleep is an undeniable component to health and to the quality of one's life. Here at Sleep Aid Resource we want to explain the facts and explore the options.

If you have landed on this site, and hopefully not at 2:00 AM, most likely you have exhausted a lot of options and are ready for anything and everything to help you sleep.

about sleep aid resource

Although sleep is important, it is what sleep does to the body that is essential. Necessary rejuvenation, cell repair, and rest occurs during the dark hours of the night. Making this part of our lives a priority will make the waking hours more productive and enjoyable.

My name, is Leslie Degner. I am a registered nurse who at one time could fall asleep anywhere, fall asleep right away at bedtime and stay asleep through thunderstorms and a snoring husband. What changed? I'm not sure, but I've struggled with sleep problems now for several years from not sleeping a wink to waking up at 3:00 AM.

I've been able to turn the corner and most nights I now enjoy restful and long periods of sleep without any prescription or over the counter sleep medications. Many of these tips are not only good for getting a good night's sleep, but good for your health as well.

You too can learn to Sleep Well to Live Well.

Please continue to enjoy exploring as the website is constantly being updated.

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