Childhood Insomnia

Childhood insomnia has become more common because of many changes in today's world - including access to television, computers, cell phones, lights at night and diet's high in caffeine and sugar.

childhood insomnia

Sleep Aids for Children

sleep aids for kids

For most children, the problem is not falling asleep or staying asleep like it is for adults with insomnia, the problem is about not getting enough sleep.

Children need parents and bedrooms that aid the child in getting sufficient sleep.

To see a chart of the recommended hours of sleep for children and for some practical tips on helping your child get the rest and sleep that he/she needs for proper development go to Sleep Aids for Children

Signs of Sleep Deprivation in Children

Signs of sleep deprivation in children can be manifested in many different ways - from physically being tired to attention problems to misbehavior.

Most children naturally resist going to bed, but the more consistent you are as a parent about a set bedtime the less it becomes an issue.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of sleep deprivation so that you can help your child be rested, healthy and happy.

Signs of Sleep Deprivation in Children

Magnesium for Insomnia

Childhood insomnia can be related to nutritional deficiencies - like not enough magnesium.

The author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy:A New Modality for the Maintenance of Health Dr. Marc Sircus, writes, "When it comes to children today we need to assume a large magnesium deficiency for several reasons:

1. The foods they are eating are stripped of magnesium ....

2. The foods many children ear are highly processed junk foods ...

3. Most children ... are not absorbing the minerals they need."

There are many magnesium supplements available, but Dr. Sicrus believes they are difficult to absorb for most people.  He recommends using a magnesium oil spray. 

There are several versions of this oil, but the one he recommends is Ancient Minerals Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil 8 oz.

It can sting,  (I dilute mine with filtered water) and then spray it on the bottom of your kids feet.  There are several great things about this - they are getting a needed mineral that helps them to relax and getting some comforting touch from mom or dad.

Melatonin for Kids

As someone who works in the medical field as a registered nurse, the mindset of taking a pill to address a health concern is so very prevalent in our culture.

melatonin for kids

Many parents are aware of melatonin supplements and perhaps take it themselves to help them fall asleep at night. So if their child is having trouble falling asleep, the natural question response is ... perhaps this sleep hormone could help my child?

But is it safe and is it wise? Find out what sleep experts say about giving this hormone to children and what you can do to actually trigger your child's body to increase his/her own secretions.

Melatonin for Children

Try to find the root cause of your child's insomnia by addressing first their diet, ensuring lots of outdoor play and implementing a relaxing evening routine.

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