Sleeping Cool

Sleeping cool can be achieved in several ways besides turning down the thermostat or opening windows in the middle of the winter. 

sleeping cool

Paying attention especially to fabrics and fillings can make a big difference in what happens to trapped body heat as you sleep through the night. 

Cool Sheets for Sleeping Cool

Cool sheets that breathe are made of 100% cotton fabric.  Polyester may help prevent wrinkles but will prevent the sheet fabric from breathing and cause body heat to get trapped. 

cool sheets for sleeping cool

There are several kinds of cotton sheets.  Find out which type will give you that cool, crisp feeling for a sleeping cool throughout the year.

Tips for Choosing Cool Sheets for Better Sleep

Cool Pillows for Sleeping Cool

Your head emits a lot of body heat and keeping it cool will help to keep your body cool. 

cool pillows for sleeping cool

There is new "cool pillow" technology that allows air to circulate and escape and there is old fashioned all natural fibers that also work as cool pillows.  Find out your options here:

Cool Pillows

Bed Coolers

Stop tossing and turning through out the night "looking" for a cooler spot on your bed.

sleeping cool with a cool Chili Pad

I've been a fan of the ChiliPad for several years now and actually use it throughout the year.

Find out how you can sleep cooler and sleep better with a bed cooler.

Bed Cooler

Bed Fans for Sleeping Cool

Perhaps you've noticed I'm a "hot" sleeper.  So getting and keeping the bed cool really helps me to sleep better through the night. 

bed fan

While there are many people who love getting into a warm bed at night, I love getting into a cool bed. One of the best ways to stay cool all night is through the use of a bed fan.  It blows air (that can be adjusted) across your bottom sheet so that breeze moves out the warm air and cools your feet and legs. 

Bed Fan Options for Keeping You Cool Through the Night

Cool Mattress Pad for Sleeping Cool

In order for our new mattress purchase to be covered by the warranty we were required to buy the Ver-Tex Performance Mattress Protector. 

sleeping cool

It boasts that it is temperature regulating and cool to the touch. 

Surprisingly it really is.  We bought ours at Ashley Furniture and find that  this mattress pad really was a good investment. 

Cool Mattress for Sleeping Cool

Especially with so many new mattress options that include memory foam, latex foam and other materials, knowing whether a mattress sleeps hot or cool is important information.

sleeping cool

Many people have become disappointed with their new mattresses because, while it may be comfortable, the lack of air and springs doesn't allow air to circulate, causing them to sleep hot and wake up many times during the night.  

cool mattress for sleeping cool

A new mattress that is best known for sleeping cool is the Tempur-Countour Breeze mattress by Tempur-Pedic. It's also one of the most expensive. They have combined the breathable cooling fabric cover with infused PureCool in the mattress filling that draws away heat.  However there are plenty of reviews of those who have bought this mattress who still find it sleeps hot. 

sleeping cool with a cool mattress

As you can see the more traditional mattress is not filled with memory foam but rather with springs so there is lots of space for air to move and breathe.  We have 3 different mattresses in our home and find that the traditional mattress and boxspring sleeps the coolest. 

Dr. Christopher Winter, Medical Director at Charlottesvilles Neurology and Sleep Medicine, recommends your bedroom temperature should be between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit for your best sleep.  While I agree, it would be quite expensive in the summer to maintain.

Sleeping Cool Tip

What you do with your feet can make a big difference with sleeping hot or cold.  For those with cold feet wear breathable cotton or wool socks at night  - but for those who sleep hot, take the covers off your feet and you will be surprised what a difference it makes. 

sleeping cool tips

All of that trapped heat escapes when your feet are not all tucked in under sheets and blankets.

Sleeping cool can help "hot" sleepers sleep through the night or minimize night time "hot spell" disturbances whether it's from hot flashes, hot flushes or just plain lots of built up body heat. 

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