Best Sleep Mask

The best sleep mask is one that will keep the light out so it fit's snug around the eyes but is also adjustable and comfortable enough to wear all night.

the best sleep mask

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Darkness or lack of light is what triggers melatonin production. Conversely, light stops the production of this hormone. That's why many of us will wake up at 5:00 AM in the summer when the sun comes up if the bedroom doesn't have room darkening curtains or shades. It is always easier to sleep longer and to get deeper sleep in a nice dark room than it is with one that has lots of light in it.

There are lots of situations where a mask is a natural sleep aid to help you achieve deeper sleep.

1. Outdoor light from street lights or neighbor's security lights

2. A bed partner who likes to read when you want to sleep and has a lamp or bright book light on

3. Morning light comes into the room

4. Traveling on an airplane

5. Work the night shift and sleep during the day

Ideally it would be great to sleep in a dark room with room darkening shades or in a nice basement bedroom without any windows. For many people that's not practical or possible so investing in a high quality sleep mask is an affordable option to "trick" your mind into thinking that it is night.

No Pressure on Eyelids

best sleep mask

Personally, I don't like the feeling of a sleep mask on my eye lids.  That's why I like this mask that has two contoured or cupped spots for your eyes.

best sleep mask

It is very lightweight - so there is barely any pressure on your skin and none on your eye lids.  Best of all it blocks out light.  Use it for sleeping at home or traveling.

Sleep Mask by DRIFT TO SLEEP with Ear Plugs

Silk Sleep Mask

Try a silk sleep mask for starters. Get one with a velcro adjustable strap. While this type of mask will allow a little bit of light in since it doesn't fit snug around the nose it does block the majority of light.

Inexpensive, comfortable and affordable this Dream Zone Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask is a great mask to start with. This is the one I use and I find it very soft and that it blocks out almost all light. I like the cool feel of the silk rather than the velour ones.

Take it when you travel travel to help you sleep on the airplane or to help you sleep while adjusting to a new time zone.

Earth Therapeutics Mind/Body Therapy Sleep Mask, Cotton, Silk (Pack of 2)

Hypo-Allergenic Sleep Mask

This is another sleep mask that I own. I prefer material that is really lightweight and cool. Also made out of silk - you can barely tell it is there.

While velvet/velour fabrics make me too hot, this silk one keeps cool all night. It's hypo-allergenic for those who have sensitive skin.

It's really good at blocking out all light without feeling there is a lot of pressure or tightness.  

100% Pure Silk Sleep Mask - BETTER than SATIN, COTTON or SYNTHETIC materials -

Sleep Pillow

Many people don't like the idea of having straps around their head and prefer the feel and comfort of a small sleep pillow.

The flaxseed filling allows this pillow to conform to the contours of your face to block out any light.   The natural aromatherapy of the lavender provides a calming effect.  Use this pillow as a sleep mask and enjoy being in the dark with not uncomfortable straps to adjust. 

The pillow can be heated in the microwave (take off the casing with the zipper!) or put in the freezer for cold therapy. 

EYE PILLOW LAVENDER + Flax Seed Filled Silk Fabric & Natural Sleep Aid, Stress Relief, Anxiety

Tempur Pedic Sleep Mask

While the Tempur Pedic Sleep Mask is by far the most expensive sleep mask, it also incorporates all of the most needed features in a sleeping mask.

This mask is best known for it's ability to block out all light - around the nose and above the eyes.  It conforms around the nose and extra padding beneath the eyes helps to block out light.

If you are one of those sleepers who are very sensitive to light, need to sleep during the day or sleep in a bedroom where lots of night time light comes in, give this mask a try.

The other feature "sleepers" like is that there is indented space for the eyes.  Some people don't like the feel of fabric pressing or sitting on their eye lids. In that case this is the mask to accommodate that. The fabric is a soft velour/velvet that is soft and comfortable.

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

Some people like using a room darkening mask just during the spring and summer months when the sun comes up earlier and earlier and their bedroom gets lighter earlier and earlier.

Either way, if you are looking for all natural sleep aids to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, invest in a sleeping mask and let the darkness take you off to dreamland - even if it's during the day :)

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