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The best white noise machine for you depends on the purpose of the white noise generator. Are you looking for the relaxing sound of a gentle rain or the constant hum of a train on a railroad track? 

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homedics sound machine

Or are you looking for a device that will block out other noises, like a dog barking or the voices of other people in your home or next door apartment?

Find the one that helps YOU feel relaxed and blocks out all other noises so you can not only fall asleep quickly but stay asleep.

The biggest factor or consideration is the choice of sounds that the white noise sound machine offers. Different machines offer different sounds.

Really, the only way to find which sound is relaxing to you but also able to keep you from hearing traffic, barking dogs, etc is to try it out.

SoundSpa Portable by HoMedics offer 5 different nature sounds (ocean, thunder, rain, brook and summer night)  and a white noise option.  You can set the timer for 15", 30" or 60" and it will automatically turn off.  Do not select the Timer button if you wish to listen to the sounds all night long. 

Homedics White Noise Sound Machine - 6 Relaxing & Soothing Nature Sounds, Battery or Adapter Charging Options, Auto-Off Timer

White Noise for Sleeping

Here are some of the things you will want to consider when using white noise for sleeping. Does it provide:

travel sound machine and white noise fan

1. A consistent sound that plays all night to help you stay asleep

2. A relaxing sound that is soothing and helps you to fall asleep

3. A loud enough sound that masks other loud noises, like noisy neighbors or barking dogs

4. A sound that is agreeable to you AND your bed partner.

5. An adjustable volume

6. A battery operated option

7.  Portable so that you can take it when you travel

Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan White Noise Sound Machine with 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan

White Noise Sound Machine

The consistent sound of a white noise sound machine prevents babies, kids, teens and adults from being woken up by sudden noises. Get one that offers the option of continual play so that it runs through the night. Many machines are small enough so that you can pack them in your suitcase and take them along with you when you travel.

white noise fan

They can be used in a hotel room so that your next door neighbor's 5:00 AM shower doesn't wake you up. Or take it with you when visiting friends or family. My in-laws can't seem to sleep past 6:00 AM, but I can with a portable white noise machine. 

Features like an adjustable volume for personal preference and portability (can be used with batteries too) make it a worthwhile investment.  With great noise-masking capability you can create your own bedroom sanctuary free from interrupting noises.  

Or for people like me it offers a soothing, calming sound in a too quiet bedroom.

Marpac Dohm White Noise Sound Machine

White Noise Device

This white noise device, Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner features:

1.  The 1# Best Seller in Sound Therapy Products at Amazon

2.  It actually is creating it's own sound by moving air so it is not mimicking or trying to duplicate a sound

3.  Non-repeating sounds which means less opportunity to disturb one's sleep

4.  Will run all night

5.  Compact so you can travel with it - a little over 6" and weighs just over 1 pound

6.  Less expensive and free shipping for Prime Members

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine

Adaptive White Noise Machine

If the less expensive units are not working for you, the Ecotones Sleep Machine offers some features the above units don't.

1.  It adapts to your surroundings by listening and then responding to background noises - like snoring or coughing - by adjusting the volume

2.  Timer can be set to go off after a certain amount of time

3.  Uses quality natural sound recordings with many options

Sounds of the ocean, rain, brook, or a cascading waterfall are just some of the sounds.  It also offers train sounds, white, pink, and brown noise, and a meditation sound.

4.  Can use headphone

Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine with Real Non-Looping Nature Sounds, Fan Sounds, White Noise, and Adaptive Sound Technology

Reduce your sleep disruptions for you, your spouse and your children with a white noise machine. 

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