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Do you have a sleep log? Whether you sleep great or terribly, groggy or peppy in the morning, a sleep log is very beneficial for all. Charting your sleep helps you see patterns and learn what works for your body. You probably already know whether you are a morning or evening person or both. However getting more in tuned with your body will allow you to know how many hours are need to function optimally and what bedtime and waking time works best for your body's rhythm.

sleep log

For some, their body is flexible, they sleep like a rock anytime and wake up refreshed almost every time. Others need the stringent schedule that doesn't vary for their body to feel good in the morning.

Start using a sleep log and see what works for your body.

Date Bed Time Time Took to Fall Asleep Times Wake Up During the Night Sleep Aids Wake Up Time Total Sleep Hours Additional Comments

Sleep Log Directions

Now you have a chart for your sleep log. This is simple and should not take much time. Take a few quick minutes in the morning to record the time you went to bed, approximately how long it took to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, if you used any sleep aids from pills, herbs, music, stretching etc, the time you woke up and the total number of hours you slept. This does not have to be exact as you may not know how long it took to fall asleep.

If you don't know the minutes, write down how long it felt and if you felt that you were awake for a long or short time. Additional comments are if you feel fresh or groggy upon waking, if you begin to notice patterns or learn that eating a certain food before bed upsets your stomach. Additional comments are for any triggers or thoughts that are keys to understanding your sleeping patterns.

Every two weeks add up the total number of hours slept and divide by 14 to get your hour per night average. Is this a good time for you? We are all unique while some people only need 5 hours asleep, others may need 9.

Sleep Log and Workbook

The Insomnia Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Sleep You Need is a great tool and workbook to help you monitor what helps or inhibits your sleep.

With the use of codes like C for caffeine or E for exercise you can soon assess what is helpful or what hinders your sleep.

Unlike other sleep books this one is actually a workbook  with opportunities in each chapter to journal and actively participate in implementing the information.

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